Rules and Byelaws of Indian Red Cross Society, District Branch,EKM

The rules and byelaws of the Indian Red Cross Society District Branch Ernakulam framed as per the rule I (b) of Chapter VI of Rules for State/UT/District Branches approved by the Hon President of the Society (Hon’ble President of India) as communicated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , Govt ; of Indian in their letter No. V. 15014/19/2004 – MS dated 19.8.2009 which made under section 5 of the Indian Red Cross Society Act 1920 (as Amended by Act No.22 of 1956 and the adaptation of Laws (No.4) Order of 1957 and the Act No.14 of 1992).  These byelaws were presented to the Managing Committee and General Body of the District Branch and approved on 25-03-2011

Article No. I      Name

The branch shall be known as the Indian Red Cross Society District Branch Ernakulam. Constituted under Act XV of 1920 (Central Act) as amended by Act No.22 of 1956 and the adaptation of Law (No.4) orders 1957 and Act No.14 of 1992

 (a)    Legal Base

The Indian Red Cross Society Ernakulam District Branch was incorporated under Indian Red Cross Society Act 1920 (as amended by Act No.22 of 1956 and the adaptation of Laws (No.4) Order 1957 and Act No.14 of 1992).  The Office of the Branch is located in   Revenue District of Ernakulam.  The organization shall hereafter be called ‘Indian Red Cross Society District Branch Ernakulam’.

b) Jurisdiction  - The District Branch will exercise jurisdiction over the entire Revenue District in the District of Ernakulam and have power to supervise and regulate the activities of all its sub district (Taluk) branches in the District.

 c) -   EMBLEM :  The Indian Red Cross Society has an emblem, the heraldic sign of the Red Cross on a white background i.e., emblem of Red Cross with vertical and horizontal arms of the same length and the designation Red Cross.

Article No. II  - Aims and objectives

a) Fundamental Principles 

The Indian Red Cross shall be guided in its work by the principles of International humanitarian law and shall respect the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement namely : -  


The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield endeavors , in its international; and national capacity to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found.,  its purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for human being .  It promotes mutual understanding, friendship co-operation and lasting peace amongst all people


It makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions;   It endeavors to relieve the suffering of individuals being guided solely by their needs, and to give priority to the most urgent cases of distress. 


  In order to continue to enjoy the confidence of all the Movement may  not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, and religious of ideological nature.


  The movement is independent.  The National Societies, while auxiliaries in the humanitarian services of their governments and subject to the laws of their respective countries must always maintain their autonomy so that they may be able at all in accordance with the principles of the Movement. 


   It is a voluntary relief movement not promoted in any manner by desire for gain


There can be only one Red Cross Society in any one country.  It must be open to all. It must carry on its humanitarian work throughout its territory


 The International Red Cross Society and Red Crescent  Movement in which all Societies have equal; status and share equal; responsibilities and duties in helping  each other, is worldwide

b) Mission

The mission of the Indian Red Cross Society is to prevent and alleviate suffering with complete impartiality, making no discrimination as to nationality, race, sex, religious, beliefs, language, class or political opinions

For this purpose, its task is in particular:

To act in case of armed conflict and in peace to prepare to act in all the fields covered by  the  Geneva Conventions with the scope of International Humanitarian law and on behalf of all  war victims, both civilian and military

2)  To contribute to the improvement of health, the prevention of disease and maternity and

      childcare in the community

3)  To educate the population on how to prepare for and respond to disasters

4)  To orgnazise emergency relief services for the victims of disasters and mitigation of their  suffering

5)  To promote the participation of children and youth in the work of Red Cross

6)  To promote the Fundamental principles of the Movements and the International Humanitarian Law in order to inculcate humanitarian ideals among the population, and in  particular among  Children and Youth


7)  To recruit, train and develop volunteers/personnel as necessary for undertaking      

     humanitarian    responsibilities

a)  Members may be subscribing or honorary

b)  The categories of membership, the rates of subscription and share of subscription between the        

Headquarters, State, District, shall be as decided by the National Managing Body and in  respect of     Taluk/local branchs shall be decided by the District Branch Managing Body from time to time.   Presently these are the following categories of members and their respective  rates of subscription

Grade                                                   Present rate of subscription

i)  Patrons                                                                     Rs.20,000/-

ii)  Vice Patrons                                                            Rs.10,000/-

iii)  Life Members                                                                   500/-

iv)  Life Associates                                                                 250/-

v)   Annual Members                                                              100/-

vi)   Annual Associate                                                               50/-

vii)  Institutional Members (Annual)                             Rs. 5,000/-

 c)      Subscribing Members - Subscribing members are those who pay their subscription in lump sum as fixed by the National Managing Body and who may renew their membership by paying their subscription charges

d)      Honorary Members - Person in recognition of their exceptional services rendered to the

Society may be given honorary membership by the State Managing Body on the approval of the National Managing Body

e)  Allocation of Membership Subscription

     The allocation of membership subscription made either to National Headquarters or to the

     State/District /Taluk branch concerned shall be apportioned in the following manner.


i) National Headquarters         15%

ii)  State Branch                        15%

iii)  District Branch                    15%

iv)  Taluk Branch                    55% (If Local branch exists, Taluk Branch entitled to only 15%)


In case the member is not belonging to any Taluk , the apportionment shall be as follows


  v)    National Headquarters      15%

 vi)    State Branch                      15%

vii)    District Branch                 70%  

f)  Duties of Members

    The enrolled members will perform the following duties

a)      To recognize and comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Society and pay their

      subscription regularly:

b)      To adhere to and disseminate the Fundamental Principles of the Movement. The

      International Humanitarian Law and the protection of the Red Cross emblem


     c)      To promote and participate actively in the activities of the Indian Red Cross Society at

      the District/State level including promoting the membership                                                         

c) Objective 

1.  To supply medical comforts to hospitals institutions and individuals in need

2.  To conduct training courses for nurse’s home nurses midwives, health visitors, health   workers, Pharmacists, lab technicians, other paramedical courses and First Aid

3.  To provide facilities & services for the welfare of the senior citizens.

4.  To popularize Junior Red Cross and Youth Red Cross through schools and colleges of the   District   to       

      inculcate leadership qualities among the youth for the betterment of the nation

5.  To undertake projects of social interest for the poor and needy people

6.  To fight against social evils

7.  Any other objects approved by the Managing Committee which fall with the scope of the  mentioned schedule and coming within the framework of the lofty ideals of Red Cross  Society


8)  To serve the community within its jurisdiction, the district branch may initiate activities to

      address local needs and priorities as approved by the Managing Body of the branch; and

9)  To ensure correct use of the Red Cross emblem, to maintain its protective value

d)  In pursuance of these objectives, the District Branch can and may

a)   Receive gifts of any nature and description for the general purpose of the society or for any

      Specific purpose from individuals, institutions governments. Financial agencies etc of India

      and  abroad by way of grant, loans, donations etc.,

b)  The District Branch shall retain 70 % of all subscriptions received, for its own and send the

      balance 30 % as moiety to the state Branch.

c)  Take such steps by personal or written appeals, exhibitions fetes, public meeting or           

     otherwise  as may be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to its funds

     in the  shape of donations,. Subscriptions

d)   To print, publish and circulate such literature as is required, to promote the above aims and

      objectives .

 e)  To procure land, buildings vehicles and such other movable and immovable properties/     

      assets   etc,

 f)  The District Branch shall collaborate with other social and charitable organization having

      objectives similar to those of the society.


1.        Members shall be enrolled by Taluk Branches and approved by District Branch.  District Branch shall      enroll members only when the  taluk /sub- district or local branches are not constituted.  For this, the explicit permission of   the state managing body is required.


a)                   Address of Members - The District Branch shall maintain records of all members enrolled  

in   the district, All Taluk Branch/sub-district branch/ local branch shall  maintain records of all              members enrolled by them.  The address of members shall be updated regularly.


2.  Eligibility - Membership of the Society is open to all residents of India irrespective of their

      nationality, race, sex, religions, beliefs, language, class or political opinions 

g) Rights of members

     Members have the following rights: -

a)  To vote in the meeting as per Rules

b)  They have the right to elect and to be elected at the District, Taluk local level and if elected in the assemblies of higher levels of the organization.

c)  To participate in the various Red Cross programmes/campaigns/activites and undertake

      voluntary service

d)  Annual and associate members shall have no right to vote.

h)  Cessation of Membership

a)  Any member may withdraw from the membership by giving notice in writing at any time to

     the Taluk/Branch/Local branch from where he/she became the member.

b)  Annual and associate membership expires twelve months from the date of registration unless   the  membership is renewed

c)   The State /District Branch  may expel a member for grave misconduct or for any of his/her

 activity prejudicial to the image of the Red Cross for which the members concerned should be given full opportunity to explain his/her conduct .  Any member so expelled should be informed in writing and the member concerned shall have a right to appeal in writing to the Chairman of State/District/Taluk/Local branch concerned if desired by him/her.  The final appeal in this regard lies with the National Managing Body.  Grave misconduct for the purpose of expulsion is defined as the display  of character or morality incompatible with the seven Fundamental Principles or engagement  in activities which are detrimental to the reputation or the activities of the National Society

ARTICLE IV - Duties of District Branch

1.  District Branch shall be subjected to all rule and regulations issued from time to time by the

     National Headquarters of Indian Red Cross Society and from the State Branch

2.  The Budget of the District Branch for ensuing year shall be prepared and passed by the

     District Branch Committee and the Annual General Meeting

3.  The District Branch, its records and those of institution financed or assisted by them shall be

     open to inspection by the officers of the State Branch and the National Headquarters.

4.   District Branch shall endeavor to co-operate and collaborate with other organizations in the

      district whose activities are allied to those of the Society without compromising the

      principles of the Red Cross.


1)  Constitution of Managing Committee

The management of the District Branch shall be vested with  in the Managing committee constituted consisting of  not exceeding 25 members  including the following officials to be elected at the Annual General Meeting Except two Ex-Officio Members (President & Vice President) and 7 nominated members. All must be subscribing Members of the Society.

Ex.Officio  Members                                                2 Nos

Elected Members                                                     16 Nos   -  by election and 5 nos. by nomination by

                                                                                   Managing Committee 

Nominated Members from each Taluk Branch         7 Nos

a)  President :  (Ex-Officio)                                     The District Collector(District Magistrate)

                                                                                  shall be the president of District Branch 

 b)  Vice president  (Ex-Officio)                               The Vice president  shall be nominated by the president

                                                                                  - preferably the District Medical Officer of Health –


c)  Chairman      (Elected)                                          The Chairman of the Managing Committee shall

be elected   by the District Managing Committee from among its  elected members 

d) Vice Chairman  (Elected)                                        Elected by the District Managing Committee from among   its elected members.


e) Treasurer (Elected)                                                  Elected by the District Managing Committee from among  its elected members 

f) Committee                                                               13  Elected members and 5 nominated members by

                                                            Managing Committee


g) Nominated members –(7 Nos)                                   One nominee from each Taluk Branch preferably the

                                                             Chairman of each Taluk Branch

A Managing Committee Member himself/herself from three consecutive Meetings/Sub- committee Meeting shall automatically dropped from Managing Committee/Sub-committee as the case may be, unless condoned by the Managing Committee.

2.           Annual General Meeting shall elect a District Branch Managing Committee consisting of 21 members including the persons to be elected as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Honorary Treasurer to the managing committee.  After the election of committee members, on the same day itself a meeting of all the members of the Committee shall be convened and each one of the committee shall take oath to abide by the Fundamental Principles of the Movement and the Constitution of the Branch and then elect the chairman, vice chairman and Hon. Treasurer.  The District Branch Managing Committee will appoint a Secretary someone with an aptitude for social work devoting his/her time to undertake Red Cross activities throughout the district who will conduct the Branch’s day to day business and manage the Branch administrative structure.

Only those members who have completed one year of service as life members as on 1st January of the year shall be eligible to be elected to the Managing Committee.

Article No.VI  - Functions of the District Branches:-

The functions of the District Branch shall be

a)  To work towards achieving the objectives.

b)  To enroll subscribing members in different categories from the general public as per rules

c)  To collect donation, subscription from the general public, to retain/remit share to the state branch as per


d)  To foster the interest in Red Cross work amongst the members

e)  To support the respective state branch financially and otherwise in carrying out the aims and

     objects of the society

 The District Managing Committee shall form sub-committees at the following manner

1.  Finance Committee:

Finance committee may be formed with Vice Chairman of the District Managing Committee as Sub Committee Chairman of the Finance committee with the following members

a)  Treasurer of the Managing Committee

b)  Two Committee members from the Managing Committee

c) Member Secretary of the Managing Committee

2. Health Committee:

Health Committee shall be formed with the following members


a)   Chairman (ex-officio)   :       District Medical Officer of Health Ernakulam 

b)   Working Chairman:              Nominated by the Managing committee  from them .

c)    Hon... Secretary:                   Nominated by the Managing committee  from them

d)    Members (5 Nos)                 1)  Superintendent of  General Hospital, Ernakulam  ex-officio

                                        2) Treasurer, Managing Committee

                                                    3)  Member, Managing committee

                                                    4) Two subject experts  - co-opted by the Health Committee

                                                          with  the consent of Managing Committee 

3.  Disaster Mitigation Committee:

Disaster Mitigation Committee shall be formed with the following members

a)   Chairman (ex-officio)    :      Dy.Collector (Disaster Management) Ernakulam

b)   Working Chairman:              Nominated by the Managing committee from them.

c)    Hon... Secretary:                   Nominated by the Managing committee from them

d)    Members (5 Nos)        :       1) District Medical Officer of Health Ernakulam or his nominee

                                                    2) District Social Welfare Officer or his nominee – (ex -officio )

                                                    3)  Member Managing Committee 

                                                    4) Two subject experts  - co-opted by the Disaster Mitigation

                                                        Committee with  the consent of Managing Committee 

 4.  Junior Red Cross Committee

a)   Chairman (ex-officio)    : Dy.Director of Education Ernakulam

b)   Working Chairman:        Nominated by  the Managing Committee from them

c)    Hon. Secretary:              Nominated by the Managing Committee from them  

d)    Members (5 Nos)           1.  Four JRC Counsellors ie., Teachers (one from each educational district

                                               2.  Two members  - co-opted by the JRC Committee with the consent of

                                                     The Managing Committee                        


5.  Youth Red Cross Committee:


a)   Chairman (ex-officio)    : Dy.Director of Collegiate Education Ernakulam

b)   Working Chairman:         Nominated by the Managing committee from them.

c)    Hon... Secretary:              Nominated by the Managing committee from them

d)    Members (6 Nos)            1)  Four representatives from colleges preferably from collegiate  teachers

                                               2) Two members - co-opted by the Youth  Red Cross  Committee

                                                    with  the consent of Managing Committee 

The decision of all sub committees should be presented before the District Managing Committee and it should be discussed and approved by the District Managing Committee

Article No.VII - Terms of Office Bearers

The term of the Office bearers and Committee members elected including of all sub committees shall be Three years 

Article No.VIII - Functions and Powers

a)         The Managing Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the urgent business of

             the Branch is conducted and that the policies and decisions of the Annual General  

             Meeting are executed/implemented.

b)         The Managing Committee shall frame the service conditions of the staff including

            member secretary  

 1.  President- i) shall preside over the Annual General Meetings and if necessary to preside the

Managing Committee

ii)  Shall approve the minutes of General Meetings.

iii)  Shall exercise other powers as provided under these rules


2.  Vice President – Shall in the absence of the President discharge the functions of the


3.  Chairman – Managing Committee

1.  Shall preside over the meetings of the Managing Committee

2.  Approve the minutes and decisions taken in the Managing Committee

3.  To grant leave to the member secretary


4.  Vice Chairman – Shall preside over the Finance committee and he shall preside over the

     Managing Committee in the absence of President, Vice-President and Chairman


5.  Member Secretary: - Member Secretary shall be under the direct control of Chairman and

      the shall be a Non voting member 

 1   He/She shall see that the committee is properly constituted and fully representative

 2    He/She shall convene  committee meetings at regular intervals, of not more than

       three months, for the transaction of all current business, and once a year to convene an

      Annual General  Meeting of the Branch to which all members shall be invited and notice of

      which shall be  circulated.

 3.   He/She shall enroll members in all categories of membership as per rules subject to the

      approval of Managing Committee and to carry on propaganda to enlighten the public about

      the aims and objectives of the Red Cross


4.    He/She shall  publish and circulate among all members an Annual Report consisting of

       Audited  Accounts and notes of the Treasurer on Accounts of the Branch. 

5.   He/She shall keep in touch with allied organizations such as District Boards Soldiers

       Boards, Rural Community Councils, St.John Ambulance, Boys Scouts Girls Guides and Co-

      operative Societies and to co-operate with them in such matters as are of common interest


6.   He/She shall carry out on all such activities in the Red Cross as may be decided upon by

      the District Committee.


7.   He/She shall keep in close touch with the State Branch Secretary, to render such reports as

      shall be required by him or her, and to accompany  or to depute others to accompany the

      chairman  to attend the Annual Meeting of the State Branch


8.   He/She shall collect subscriptions and forward monthly statement to the state headquarters

      along  with the share of subscription


9.   He/She shall be the custodian of all valuables including Receipt Books of the Branch and

      the receipts & expenditure should be brought to the Managing committee/Finance Committee

      as the case may be .

10.   He/She shall verify the records of Red Cross Bhavan and  other subsidiary institutions also. 

6.  Hon.Treasurer:

1.  Shall regulate the finances and accounts of the Branch

2.  Advice the Managing Committee /sub committees in all matters related to Finance, Investments,         

     Income, Expenditure and Budget provisions etc.


3.  Regulate the maintenance of registers of investments and properties, both moveable and

      immovable, in such form and manner as the Managing Committee and the Annual General

     Meeting decide.

7.  Meetings and Quorum 

a)  Meetings of the District Branch Managing Committee and sub-committees shall bse held

     once in a quarter .At least 3 days duration notice should be served to all  Committee



b)  The quorum for such a meeting shall be 30 % of the total members of the Committee.  If the

     required members are not present for specific quorum; the scheduled meeting will be

     postponed for an hour and the members then present will form the quorum and transact the


Article No.IX  - Finance

The financial year of the Branch shall be from 01 April to 31 March

1.  No member of a District Branch Managing committee shall without the previous sanction of  the Managing Committee of the District, enter into any contract or transition with other  Organizations or  agencies


2.  All funds administered by the Branch shall be kept in the State Bank of India, its subsidiaries

     and or a nationalized bank /Govt Treasuries as the District Managing Committee may name

     from time to time for maintenance of current account or savings bank accounts and short term

     or long term  fixed deposits

3.  Operation of Bank Account

a)     The current and savings bank accounts of the Society and its allied funds shall be operated

      upon  Jointly by chairman or Secretary and Treasurer.


b)    All cash/cheque/Demand Draft received by the Secretary on behalf of the Branch should

        remit in the bank on the day or at least next day itself.


c)     Member secretary shall have power to meet expenditure of Rs.5000/- at a time in urgent unforeseen cases.  A liquid cash worth  Rs.5,000/-(five Thousand only) should be made available as imprest  fund  with the secretary to carryout day to day business and the amount  expended from this imprest fund  should be recouped while the total expenditure exceeds   Rs.2000/-.

4.  Auditing of Accounts

The annual accounts of the Society as well as funds administered by the Society shall be audited by a practicing Chartered Accountant to be appointed as a statutory Auditor for the purpose of compilation and certification of accounts by the Managing Committee/Annual General Meeting.

5.  Internal Auditor:  one Internal Auditor may be selected either from managing committee or

     from Life members. Internal auditor should submit his/her report to the Chairman of the Managing Committee before 31st January in each year.

Article No.X  - Annual General Meeting

a)  Annual General Meeting of the District Branch shall be held at the Head quarters of the  District Branch or at place, upon a date to be fixed by the President.


b)   Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be given at least 21 days before the date   fixed,  by an official circular and by publication in the press specifying the date, time and  place of the  meeting to be held and the business to be transacted


c)  The following shall be entitled to attend the AGM and vote on any question that may be

      submitted to the meeting for determination.

1.  Members of the Managing Committee including member secretary

2.  Ten member delegates representing each Taluk branch including the nominated member to

     the District Managing Committee


3.  Five member delegate representing each sub-Taluk unit level

    A representative of the State Branch may attend the Annual General Meeting as an Observer

4.  The notice shall specify the following business among others to be transacted

     ?. Confirmation of Proceeding of AGM of the previous meeting

     ? Presentation and consideration and adoption of Annual Report for preceding year

     ? Presentation and consideration and adoption of Audited Annual accounts for the preceding year

    ? Presentation and consideration adoption of budget estimates for the succeeding year.

    ? Election of Two delegates to the State Branch to represent the District Branch

    ? Election of One representative to the State Branch Managing Committee 

    ? Appointment of statutory auditor for the following year for the purpose of compilation and

     certification of accounts.


Article No.X (a)  - Extra-Ordinary Annual General Meeting

An extra ordinary annual general Meeting of the branch may be convened at any time by the president of the District Branch for the purpose connected with the Branch, or by requisition in writing of two thirds of the Branches and /or Branch membership.  At the extra ordinary meeting no business, other than what is notified shall be transacted

(b)   Procedure for annual general meeting:

i)  All annual general meeting shall be presided over by the President or in his/her absence by the vice-president and in the absence of the vice president, by the Chairman

ii)  The resolutions before the Annual General Meeting shall be passed and decided by the majority of the members present and voting.  The voting will be by show of hands.  In case of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. 

(c) - Quorum for AGM

Presence of 30% of the eligible members shall form the quorum. In case the quorum is not complete within an hour of the time fixed for the meeting, meeting shall be adjourned for half an hour to be held on the same date and same place. At such adjourned meeting the business for which the meeting was called ,shall be transacted, whether the quorum is present or not. 

Article No. XI - Formation of Taluk and Sub Taluk Branches

a)  The District Managing committee shall form Taluk Branches and the Managing committee of

     Taluk Branch shall form sub Taluk branches under them if necessary.  All the Taluk Branches

     shall be under the control of the District Branch and as such , all Sub Taluk Branch shall be

     under the control of Taluk Branch 


 b)  A Taluk Branch may with in the provisions of the District Branch rules and regulation,

    subject to  approval of the District Managing Committee, frame its own rules for running the

    affairs of the   Branch

c)  The following procedures shall be followed for the formation of Taluk Branch

 1.   A general meeting shall be called normally at the proposed headquarters of the Branch,  notice of which shall be widely circulated throughout the Taluk .


 2   This meeting shall elect a Taluk Branch Managing Committee of at least ten members, including a Chairman a Vice-Chairman and an Honorary Treasurer

 3.  All the members of the committee shall be subscribing members of the society and each one of them shall take oath in their first meeting of the Taluk Committee held after the Annual General Meeting to the effect to follow the Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and agree to undertake the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him/her  

4.  The Taluk Branch shall send to the District Branch a copy of the resolution of the General Meeting  resolving the formation of the Taluk Branch concerned, the conditions of Membership , the list of committee members giving the names of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer and list of at least 50 members (including) 25 Life members enrolled along with 45% share of subscription (15% each to the District, State Branch and National Headquarters) with request to perform all the essential basic activities of Red Cross in accordance with the objectives  of Red Cross and formation of  Sub Taluk Branch.  In the case of Sub Taluk Branches list of 30 members (including 20 Life members) is to be sent along with 45 share of subscription

 5.           After approval by the District Branch Managing Committee, the District Brach will inform the    State Managing Committee of the formation of the Taluk

 6           All the Taluk Branches should sent the list of members with their address enrolled by them in each month with the moiety to the District Branch

Article No.XII - Amendment of the Rules:-

District Branch Managing Committee, subject approval by the State Managing Body shall have the right to amend or alter these rules from time to time as necessary

Article No.XIII  - Dissolution of the Branch

 Any number not less than three fifths of the members of a District Branch present at a meeting specially called for the purpose may determine that the Branch be dissolved such a resolution regarding dissolution must how ever be forwarded to the General Secretary of the State Branch shall not take effect until it is approved by the State Branch Managing Committee.  The District Branch in such, shall make arrangements for the disposal and settlement of its property, its claims and liabilities and hand over funds and property that may remain to the State Branch General Secretary Such residuary funds and property shall then be added to the General funds of the State Branch or handed over to the new District Branch formed over there.

The Indian Red Cross is a voluntary humanitarian organization having a network of over 700 branches throughout the country, providing relief in times of disasters/emergencies and promotes health & care of the vulnerable people and communities.

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