Chairman's Message

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Indian Red Cross Society was formed under the Parliament Act XV of 1920 known and enacted under section 5 of the  Indian Red Cross Society Act,1920 (as amended by Act No.22 of 1956 and the adaptation of Laws (No 4) order of 1957 and the Act No.14 of 1992)

H.E President of India is the President of Indian Red Cross Society, National Head Quarters, New Delhi. State Governor is the President of IRCS State branch and District Collector is the President of District Branches. Taluk Thahasildars are President of Taluk branches. The office governance is managed by elected body from among Life Members through electoral college system.

The main objective of the Red Cross Society is to reduce suffering and distress of causalities of war and natural calamities irrespective of race,class,creed or political considerations. The motto of Red Cross Society is to Serve the Humanity. Red Cross Societies around the world presently works on 7 fundamental principles such as Humanity,Impartiality,Neutrality,Independent,Voluntary Service,Unity & Universality.

The major activities include promote Peace & Non violence, Health & sanitation awareness program, Disaster Mitigation Management, Youth development program through Junior Red Cross in Schools & Youth Red cross in colleges.

Ernakulam District Branch functions with 7 Taluk branches, 214 JRC units in schools & 40 YRC units in colleges.

A geriatric medical centre is also managed by IRCS District Branch with support of Thrikkakara Municipality, Edapally Block Panchayath, Ernakulam District Panchayath. This centre undertakes  program for the physical, mental & social welfare of senior citizen and general public.